Adventures Into Code

3 months at The Flatiron School, NYC

4 Reasons to Learn to Code

Everyone has their own reasons for learning how to code. Here are mine.

To create products.

I’ve been a musician since learning guitar at 12 and have always been driven by the creative process. The concept of creating something from nothing that makes my life and others’ lives better as well is pretty cool.

To execute on a vision.

We’ve all seen this one before: business guy comes up with an idea, stays up all night thinking about it, scribbles the business model down along with an outlined marketing/sales plan, and then realizes he’s stuck. How is he going to execute? How is he going to create a MVP to begin testing his hypotheses? The short answer - he’s not unless he gets a tech guy to join him. Most likely, he’ll search through his network contacting developers only to find that they are all working on ideas of their own. I’m tired of having to rely on someone else to bring my ideas to life.

To build a foundation (for learning code the rest of my life).

Twenty years from now, I don’t see there being nearly as much of a distinction in the startup world between business and tech guys/gals. Coding will become part of schools’ curriculums, similar to learning a new language. It will be expected for most CEO’s to have solid technical background. Without one, it will be harder to raise capital, build a team, and execute on a vision. This trend is already on the rise and I plan to get a head start, rather than fall behind.

To impact the world.

Yes, maybe it’s cheesy, but we all search for meaning in our lives and it’s hard for me to think of a better way to impact millions of people around the world.

That’s it for now. If you recently made the jump as well, what were your reasons?